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1 year ago
Makefile Update 1 year ago

The team that worked on this project has spun out of Gnosis and continues development on a forked repo (01-04-2022) which is available here

Solver template


This is a minimal solver template for the CowSwap Solver competition. Documentation about how the problem that a Solver solves, and techinical specifications can be found here and here.

The functionality is minimal. So far, input in json form (provided by the Driver) is parsed and tokens, orders and AMMs are stored in appropriate data structures. The main function simply prints the input. Regarding AMMs, only Constant-Product AMMs have been implemented.

A sample json input file can be found in ./sample.json

The Boost Library is needed. It can be downloaded from here. The extracted /boost/ subfolder must be moved to the root directory of the project.

To compile, simply run make in the terminal, and to execute, just run ./main.