Parameter files for ZSL on Quorum

Updated 6 years ago

ZSL on Quorum

Updated 4 years ago

ZSLBox offers some grpc endpoints to generate and verify proofs "à la ZCash": shielding, unshielding and shielded transfers.

Updated 5 years ago

Transaction Encoder

Updated 3 months ago

Chrome extension to simulate dApp interactions and record transactions

Updated 6 days ago

Module that connects Snapshot via Reality.eth with a Safe

Updated 3 months ago

A Safe module that allows approved addresses to execute transactions after a time delay, during which transactions can be marked as invalid by the Safe.

Updated 8 months ago

A transaction guard that allows the owner to limit the multisig signers to calling specific function signatures on specific contracts.

Updated 2 months ago

A guard that prevents the contract its guarding from disabling protected modules.

Updated 7 months ago

A library for composable DAO tooling built on top of programmable accounts

Updated 2 weeks ago

Zero Knowledge Proofs and how they can be implemented in Quorum

Updated 5 years ago

MetaMask ZeroClient and backing iframe service

Updated 7 years ago

Institutional website

Updated 4 years ago

Formal semantics of the yul language

Updated 3 years ago

Updated 4 months ago