A factory for gnosis safe modules, deployed as minimal proxies.

Updated 2 years ago

Fixed Sized BigNumbers in TypeScript

Updated 4 years ago

Script(s) to interact with gp-v2-contracs

Updated 1 year ago

Discv5 CLI

Updated 4 months ago

GitHub Action for self-contained handling of CLA signatures

Updated 9 months ago

Updated 2 years ago

A repository for applications for Gnosis Safe Multisig Web Interface

Updated 4 weeks ago

Gnosis Safe allows secure management of blockchain assets.

Updated 4 weeks ago

React hooks for local and session storage

Updated 7 months ago

Smart contracts repository for NFT swapping dapp -swap.kiwi

Updated 1 year ago

Fast, easy and secure Ethereum binary management

Updated 3 months ago

dFusion subgraph

Updated 6 months ago

Interactive smart contract generator based on OpenZeppelin Contracts.

Updated 4 weeks ago

Updated 5 months ago

Updated 1 year ago