0x Protocol v2 Audit

Updated 5 years ago

audit report for the 0x ERC1155Proxy contract

Updated 4 years ago

Updated 1 year ago

0x protocol monorepo - includes our smart contracts and many developer tools

Updated 4 years ago

Security review of 0x smart contracts

Updated 6 years ago

MythX Security Analysis of 0x v3

Updated 3 years ago

ERC 1155 to ERC 20 converter

Updated 3 months ago

Updated 2 months ago

List of 4byte identifiers for EVM smart contract functions

Updated 3 days ago

Aave Protocol Version 1.0 - Decentralized Lending Pools

Updated 3 years ago

Nodejs and Javascript library for decoding data params and events from ethereum transactions

Updated 3 weeks ago

Transaction markets in Python

Updated 3 months ago

An implementation of WHATWG AbortController interface.

Updated 11 months ago

The production content is on `MyCryptoHQ/landing` - this repo is old.

Updated 3 months ago

ABS Truffle Test

Updated 2 years ago

Acala - cross-chain DeFi hub and stablecoin based on Substrate for Polkadot and Kusama.

Updated 10 months ago

Work in progress explorer for AccessControl roles

Updated 2 months ago

Smart contract specification language

Updated 4 hours ago