Common tests for all Ethereum implementations
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Ethereum Consensus Tests Build Status

Common tests for all clients to test against. Test execution tool:

Test Formats

Maintained tests:


See descriptions of the different test formats in the official documentation at

The format of BlockchainTests recently changed with the introduction of a new field sealEngine (values: NoProof | Ethash), see related JSON Schema change or BlockchainTest format docs for reference.

This means that you can skip PoW validation for NoProof tests but also has the consequence that it is not possible to rely on/check PoW related block parameters for these tests any more.

Clients using the library

The following clients make use of the tests from this library. You can use these implementations for inspiration on how to integrate. If your client is missing, please submit a PR (requirement: at least some minimal test documentation)!

Using the Tests

We do versioned tag releases for tests and you should aim to run your client libraries against the latest repository snapshot tagged.

Generally the develop branch in ethereum/tests is always meant to be stable and you should be able to run your test against.

Contribute to the Test Suite

See the dedicated section in the docs on how to write new tests. Or read a shorter description here.

If you want to follow up with current tasks and what is currently in the works, have a look at the issues

Currently the geth evm t8ntool client is the reference client for generating tests. Besu client also has support for generating the tests using rpc test protocol. See at

Testing stats

Testing results are available at
There is a web tool for vmtracing the tests using supported clients and retesteth:
All blockchain tests are being run by hive tool:

Contents of this repository

Do not change test files in folders:

  • StateTests
  • BlockchainTests
  • TransactionTests
  • VMTests

It is being created by the testFillers which could be found at src folder. The filler specification and wiki are in development so please ask on gitter channel for more details.

If you want to modify a test filler or add a new test please contact @wdimitry at telegram Use the following guide: