Solidity re-compiler that can be used to verify that bytecode corresponds to certain source code
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Sourcify ( is a Solidity source code and metadata verification tool.

The project aims to serve as an infrastructure for other tools with an open repository of verified contracts as well as an API and other services. The goal is to make contract interactions on the blockchain safer and more user friendly with open sourced contract codes, contract ABI, and NatSpec comments available via the contract metadata.

This monorepo contains the main services and the verification UI. The sourcifyeth Github organization contains all other auxiliary services and components.


For more details refer to


🔍 Check out docs F.A.Q. and use search in docs.

💬 Chat with us on Gitter or Matrix chat

🐦 Follow us and help us spread the word on Twitter.

Adding a new chain

If you'd like to add a new chain support to Sourcify please follow the chain support instructions in docs.