Mobile web browser providing access to websites that use the Ethereum blockchain
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iOS release

1 - Make sure you have fastlane installed (sudo gem install fastlane)

2 - Bump the version number in info.plist and commit the change

3 - Run METAMASK_ENVIRONMENT='production' npm run release:ios

4 - Wait for the appstore email that the build has completed processing (10 min - 1 hour)

5 - Go to this url:

6 - Click on the version number and then click on the "Test Details" tab

7 - Enter the release notes and save

8 - Click on the "Testers" tabs

9 - Click on the + sign next to Groups and select Alpha.

Android release

1 - open android/app//build.gradle and change the versionName and bump the versionCode

2 - Save and commit

3 - Run METAMASK_ENVIRONMENT='production' npm run release:android

4 - Go to the playstore:

5 - Click on the App logo, then go to Release Management >> App releases

6 - Go to "Manage" inside "Closed track" (ALPHA)

7 - Click Create Release

8 - Drag the APK

9 - Add Release notes at the bottom

10 - Click Save and then click Review

11 - Start rollout to ALPHA

Once you're done with both stores:

  • Submit a PR with the changes
  • Once it's merged create a tag on main for that version
  • Go to the release pages and create a new release for that tag, including the changelog